the white monroe

This gown is FLAWLESS. The fun thing about this gown is that you can throw it around and make it look like youre a true goddess- exactly like marilyn monroe. This gown does not disappoint.

the grey jasmine

This gown is extremely soft. The neckline can be worn two different ways- on the shoulder, or up on the neck. This gown is a lot of fun and depending on the light, can have several different shades of grey.

the green samantha

This gown is a little bit more sophisticated but still has a sexy way about it. The color is beautiful on all skin types and is light and airy.

the pink rose

This gown is such a beautiful shade of pink. It doesn't make you look washed out. The gown can be work strapless or you can throw the white crop on top. This makes it extremely versatile. The flare on the bottom is so fun and makes you look like a beautiful rose.

the white may

This gown has a simple neckline that can be worn over the shoulders or higher up for a more sophisticated look. The train is short but you can still flare it out. Floral crowns are so fun with this gown.

the golden charlie

This color is one of my favorites. It can look beautiful in any setting. It can be super summer or super fall. This gowns neckline can be worn on the shoulder or above the shoulder.

the red shimmer

This gown is velvet- YES VELVET! Who would ever think that this color would look spectacular in velvet. This gown is a thick material and has so much shimmer.

the green shimmer

This velvet gown really has such a beautiful color to it. The green is so rich in color and has such a gorgeous look.

the merlot athena

This gown is one of my absolute favorite. The texture of this gown is wrinkle resistant. This gown can be work with full train/ half train/ no train. You can also throw on the crop with it to give it an entirely different look. So versatile.

the blue royal

This gown is 100% lace. The color is spectacular on anyone. It has a short train which can be nice for beach photos. The color is vibrant and stands out drastically.

the black birthday suit

Would you ever think a body suit can look so good?! This fun little body suit can be matched with this adorable pink tool skirt- or can be used alone.

the may skirt

These skirts are super fun for a boho type shoot. These skirts are long and has a ton of fabric. They are paired with the crop.

the black widow

This gown is so amazing. Black is definitely a favorite color of mine. Not only is it slimming- but it is so sexy. This gown can be worn as a full flare bottom/ a shorter cut with a crop, or add the tool skirt. TO DIE FOR!

the green marcy

This gown is a simple gown. It can be worn just below the shoulder or just above the shoulder. It looks great on any skin type and is extremely soft.

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