newborn need to know


As you prepare for your session whether its in the studio or lifestyle, there is a few things to consider.

Watch what you eat a few days prior to your session (if nursing) | This is very important. Stay away from gassy vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and beans. Also stay away from red meat. Your body takes a long time to digest red meat and it can give you a stomach ache and make you gassy. These foods obviously get passed down to the baby which can make them gassy as well. They will be very uncomfortable during the session if they cant relieve themselves.

Please wait to feed your baby until you arrive | this will give you time to settle in and relax. I want the baby super full and sleepy for the session so feeding at the beginning of the session will help.

What to pack | ALWAYS bring a pacifier even if you nurse and don't want nipple confusion. This will help me settle the baby. It won't have to be a forever thing, but just for the session it would help. Bring a bottle with formula or breast milk. This helps me ease them into some poses and tops them off when they need just a tad more food. Bring Burp Clothes and a change of clothes for you and baby. Diapers, wipes, and any special thing you want photographed, but please tell me beforehand so I can plan to use it in the session. When choosing clothes for yourself, PLEASE do not have any stripes, busy patterns or wording on the clothes. Neutral colors that are plain is always the best way to go.


The studio will be 80 degrees. Sometimes more. This keeps the baby nice and warm to sleep better. I will have a sound machine going as well as me shushing when the time is right.

If baby isn't pre-mature, they tend to cluster feed day 5-7. I try to stay away from those days only because they'll just want to eat eat eat and sometimes its tough to take that away from them for a certain amount of time.

I start my sessions with family shots first, especially if there is a sibling. I normally wrap the baby unless you want baby unwrapped for family. Wrapping helps the baby get into a deep sleep, keeps them secure, and warm. Babies flinch a lot in their sleep. I then move onto prop shots to make sure I get the baby in buckets/bowls/blankets. This is easiest at the beginning because theyre still in a super deep sleep. Then I move onto beanbag posing, where I may have the baby in a specific outfit and eventually naked if parent wants that.

If the baby is unsettled, I always tend to shush the baby first, then if that doesn't help I may feed then in the pose with a bottle just so they don't get too fussy. And if that doesn't work I go to plan B. Which is whatever happens at the time. I always work with the baby. I never force baby into a pose if they cant or don't want to. The baby is fragile and I make sure not to get them upset. Some babies like to have hands free | some love swaddling | some hate swaddling. The session can change in an instant depending on what the baby wants.

There is a nice beautiful day bed in my studio where you will put all of your things and yourself. It is extremely comfortable and I would not blink twice if you fall asleep on it. Please remember your baby will be safe with me and this is the time to take time for yourself while someone who is trained to care for your baby. This will hopefully put you at ease and you can snore a little =0)


I always work up to the time i have allotted for the session. If the baby is very fussy and doesn't want to settle, don't be upset. If I feel like nothing was accomplished, I don't want to stress the baby out any more. We can always do it again in a day or two. DO NOT STRESS. This is supposed to be a resting time for you.

After the session, I hope we work together for always. I love to build relationships with people and watch them grow. I know you will have a beautiful experience with me and I cant wait to grow with you!